artennua large breeds

Large breeds

artennua large breeds

Artennua® tablets are a 100% plant-based food supplement for large breed dogs. Each tablet contains 950mg of Artemisia annua leaves with a high content of artemisinin (1.1% – 1.2%) and flavonoids (casticin and eupatorin).


Format: 30 tablets, weight per tablet 2g.

Net weight: 60gr.

Durability date: 36 meses. Composition mg/tablet

Organic Artemisia annua enriched in artemisinin and flavonoids 950 mg.

Rice protein 200 mg.

Dicalcium phosphate 150mg

Additives: Stabilizer, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (E464) 700 mg


Recommendations and warnings:

Recommended amount: half a tablet for every 20 kg/day.

Maximum amount: 1 tablet per 40kg/day

This product should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.

Follow the advice of your veterinary regarding its administration.

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The furry ones we have helped.



Very good product. Between mugwort and the natural diet, the symptoms of cutaneous leshmania have improved and at the moment the tests seem correct.



Yoko is a greyhound with leishmania and filaria that we have in foster care. After a month of taking Artennua, she noticed a great improvement in her skin and hair, which had really been very bad.



I adopted Eugène with a very high leishmania and since he has taken artennua, the values are almost seropositive. Great product!

Mari Ángeles


My dog was in a very serious condition because Leismania had greatly affected his kidneys. He began treatment with medication that he did not tolerate and the next option was another medication that affected the kidney. A friend found information about how Artemisia Annua helped fight Leismania together with CDS. Thanks to this, my dog is perfectly fine, his kidneys have normal values and Leismania is not attacking him, which for veterinarians was considered impossible. So I have a lot to be grateful for.



My veterinarian sent them to me for my 6-year-old dog with lesmania, I see her much better and stronger, come on, I'm going to continue giving them to her until they tell me why I see them as great.

Jose Felix


I have been giving it to my dog who has Lymphoma for 3 weeks to strengthen her immune system due to chemo. Since I started giving it to you I have noticed that you are more active and happy. I am going to continue giving her the treatment because I see that it is doing her very well as a complement.

Maria Rosario


Naja is a 10 kilo podenquita adopted with a very tall leishmania. I followed the treatment prescribed by the veterinarian and her titer did not decrease, although at least it did not affect her organs. I started with Artennua and another alternative treatment: the autovaccine, and for months I did not administer any other medication because I considered it too aggressive for her. In her last analytical control, it dropped to almost negativity. The good experience with Artennua also made me try another big guy I have who weighs 35 kilos and has a dermatological problem; She had tried several treatments, even changed vets, and nothing. I read that some dermatitis can be due to immunity problems and by trying mugwort you didn't lose anything, it could only benefit you. The change has also been spectacular, since I administered it to him he has not had a single outbreak again.



My dog has been taking it for a month and from the middle of the month he began to improve significantly and visibly. It is true that the previous month he had the beginning of treatment given by the veterinarian, which is quite aggressive, but of course this treatment throughout the second month is proving to be very effective.



My dog Rover Guapo got some warts on his gums, the veterinarian Artemisa de Artenua recommended me and it was great. In 10 or 12 days he no longer had them, in addition to boosting his immune system in the face of the hot season in Spain and the consequent risk of Leismania... Very good product, I will repeat it for the other dogs I have.



Gala is 3 years old and has been suffering from leishmaniasis for two years. My veterinarian recommended that I use ARTENNUA to continue fighting the bug that did not stop growing, and it has been a great success to complement her treatment with these pills.



Has adopted a senior with Leishmania. On the recommendation of my veterinarian, he is going to start taking Artennua. I hope it goes very well for you. My dog's name is Moyo and we don't know his age, but he is no less than 10 years old. He is an 8.5 kilo hound/bodeguero/pinscher mix. (He must put a little weight).



Malcom is 4 years old, as I read, mugwort helps keep leismania at bay where medications are unable to reach, and that's how it has been, from starting with a degree of 1200 to today it is between 80 and 160, under veterinary consultation only take Artennua.



Artennua has been a great discovery. My dog Pipa, 10 years old, has leishmaniasis and I had to strengthen her immune system. Since she took it, her values have dropped so much that they have almost become negative and she is like never before. A complete success.

Galya Todorova


For us, Artennua worked a miracle! Rocky, my short-haired German Bracco, after undergoing treatment with Artennua [only, without alupurinol] in the latest tests he has tested Negative for Leishmaniasis... A great surprise for Christmas. He believed that with a balanced diet and Artennua, Leishmaniasis can be eliminated, as my Rocky showed it. I recommend Artennua to everyone.

Angeles Guijarro


My dog has leishmania, I hope he improves with Artennua. They have recommended it to me.

Cristina Pérez


It is helping me a lot in the treatment against leishmania.

Bryan Courtney


Magnificent! My vet recommended giving Artennua to me but with leishmania, and she has improved a lot. Her skin is much better and the tests have come back fine. I recommend it.

Rocío Mauro


The level of leishmania has decreased in my dog (apart from his veterinary medication) I wish I had known about it years ago.

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