diabetes artemisia annua

Artemisia annua and artemisinin may offer new hope in canine diabetes treatment, thanks to the benefits of this medicinal plant to improve and control the symptoms of this disease.

diabetes artemisia annua

Understanding canine diabetes

Canine diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by increased blood glucose levels that causes the alteration of carbohydrates, fats and proteins as a result of an absolute or relative lack of insulin (WHO, 1999), such as the one suffered in humans. According to pathogenesis in dogs, there is a 50% case of diabetes mellitus type 1 and the other part englobes type 2 diabetes and others related to diestrus and pancreatitis. The symptomatology is characterized by polyuria, polydipsia, cataracts, and weight loss, among others.

The necessity of Artemisia annua

Nowadays, we have some medications used to control these symptoms, but their efficacy is limited and they often have side effects. For this reason, in recent years, Artemisia annua and its molecule artemisinin have been the object of study, being able to highlight its possible effectiveness on diabetes mellitus as well as in improving liver and kidney functions.