Artennua®, a path of research and dedication

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Luis Matías Hernández and Chiara Sanseverino, it is the result of research on different biotechnological approaches to standardize the cultivation of different medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs), starting with the Artemisia annua plant.

Know our history

Beginnings of the investigation

The research began in the biotechnology and bioinformatics company Sequentia Biotech where the founders worked. Dr Luis Matias Hernandez was the principal researcher thanks to a Torres Quevedo scholarship. Once the project was completed and seeing the very promising results in the laboratory, the founders decided to go for the project.

Standardization of Artemisia annua

The pilot studies were carried out in the field and financed by the CDTI, which allowed us to validate the results obtained in the laboratory. Thus we began in Tenerife the production of a standardized Artemisia annua, which we decided to call Artennua®.

We are committed to phytotherapy in animals

Since then, we have focused on how to enhance the benefits, productivity and applications of various medicinal plants to maximize and intensify their properties by stimulating trichomes, or glands that produce important therapeutic plant molecules.

Our Story


Crop optimization (R&D) in the laboratory



NeoTec Project (CDTI) together with the company Sequentia Biotech



Pilot Production



Ecological farm



Production process and method



Formats and national distribution



International Expansion



Our vision at Artennua® is to ensure that all pets enjoy optimal health and quality of life thanks to scientifically proven phytotherapy. We strive to be leaders in the natural medicinal pet products industry, recognized for our dedication to quality, innovation and environmental responsibility.

An alliance with nature

We use traditional methodologies without chemicals with a fertilizer effect, thus increasing productivity naturally. Therefore, we possess the ecological certification seal.

We sow innovation, we reap well-being

Thanks to scientific collaborations with different leading research centers, we validate the effectiveness of the products with both in vitro and in vivo tests.

We provide your pet with the best of nature

We promote a healthy lifestyle for pets, as well as a balanced diet and natural products that act in synergy to improve their well-being.

The quality your pet deserves

All our crops are certified with the ISO9001 quality seal.

We cultivate trust

We like to be transparent to generate trusting relationships. We inform at all times of the origin of the raw material as well as the quantities of therapeutic biomolecules that can be found in Artennua®.

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