Neurological diseases

enfermedades neurologicas artemisia annua

The medicinal plant Artemisia annua emerges as a promising therapeutic avenue to treat neurological conditions in animals, given the benefits of the molecule artemisinin in neuronal protection.

enfermedades neurologicas artemisia annua

Neurological diseases in animals, particularly in dogs, encompass a diverse range of conditions affecting the nervous system, such as Alzheimer’s disease and associated cognitive deficits.

The promising approach of Artemisia annua for Alzheimer’s and neurological diseases

Artemisia annua has a potential therapeutic effect in these illnesses due to its ability to reduce the Aβ accumulation, the hyper-phosphorylation of tau, and the inflammation associated. It also has the effect of promoting the expression of synaptic proteins, which helps improve cognitive function and neuroprotection.

Therefore, the potential benefits of artemisinin and its derivatives in mitigating neurological dysfunction are presented as a new source of knowledge aimed at improving the treatment of neurological diseases in veterinary medicine.