cáncer artemisimina

In the search for effective cancer treatments in animals, artemisinin and its derivatives emerge as a promising therapeutic option, due to their proven effects.

cáncer artemisimina

How can artemisinin and its derivatives help in cancer treatment?

In recent years, artemisinin and its derivatives, such as artesunate, have been found to have cytotoxic effects, inducing apoptosis, ferroptosis and reducing metastasis in different types of cancers. As it is well known, cancer is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide; and that is not indifferent in animals.

There is a large amount of published scientific research and even some clinical trials aimed at cancer treatment in animals using artemisinin and its derivatives. Usually, these publications are targeted toward the most predominant neoplasms observed in animals and dogs, such as lymphomas, sarcomas, mast cell tumors, and melanomas.

All in all, cancer remains a global health concern due to a lack of efficient therapeutic regimens; therefore, artemisinin and its derivatives arise as a novel approach due to its promising results.