Clinical trials

The following table summarizes all those studies currently undergoing (human) clinical trials. Clinical trials follow years of extensive laboratory research, which can involve years of experiments in animal and human cells. The table below summarizes those which are currently underway using Artemisia annua or its derivatives.


Phase I studies assess the safety of a drug or device.
Phase II studies test the efficacy of a drug or device.
Phase III studies involve randomized and blind testing in several hundred to several thousand patients.
Phase IV studies, often called Post Marketing Surveillance Trials, are conducted after a drug or device has been approved for consumer sale. They are typically used to find other indications the drug could be potentially useful at treating.
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Clinical Phase (2022)

MalariaIn the Market
AnaemiaPhase IV (completed)
Covid-19Phase IV (completed)
FeverPhase IV (completed)
Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) Infections (AIDS)Phase IV (completed)
Instantaneous clearancePhase IV (completed)
Parasite clearancePhase IV (completed)
Sickle cell disease (hematological disease)Phase IV (completed)
Polycystic ovary syndromePhase IV (active, not recruiting)
Lupus nephritisPhase IV (recruiting)
Allergic RhinitisPhase IV (recruiting)
SchistosomiasisPhase IV (unknown)
HIV/TuberculosisPhase IV (unknown)
Cytomegalovirus infectionPhase III (completed)
SchizophreniaPhase III (completed)
Liver diseasesPhase II (completed)
OsteoarthritisPhase II (completed)
Dermatological disorders (seborrheic keratosis)Phase II (completed)
Unspecified gastrointestinal disordersPhase II (completed)
Bowel cancerPhase II (active, not recruiting)
Prostate CancerPhase II (active, not recruiting)
Colorectal cancerPhase II (recruiting)
HPV-related cervical intraepithelial neoplasiaPhase II (recruiting)
Lung adenocarcinomaPhase II (recruiting)
Lung cancerPhase II (unknown)
Non-small cell lung cancerPhase II (unknown)
Appetite (eating) DisordersPhase II (planned)
Non-Small Cell Lung CancerPhase II (planned)
Systemic lupus erythematosusPhase II (unknown)
Type II diabetesPhase II (terminated)
Breast cancerPhase I (completed)
Hepatocellular carcinomaPhase I (terminated)
HIVPhase I (completed)
Lyme diseasePhase I (completed)
HIVPhase I (completed)
HPV-related anal intraepithelial neoplasiaPhase I (completed)
HPV-related cervical intraepithelial neoplasiaPhase I (recruiting)
Ovarian cancerPhase I (recruiting)