Luís Matías Hernández

Our PI since 2015, Luis is also a science communicator, author, traveller and prolific networker. Luis was responsible for all the R&D work undertaken in the lab for Artennua from the very beginning, and tried every method possible to try to optimize the concentration of artemisinin. In true Luis style, when all of them failed, he came up with his own. His approach did work and so, since October 2017, he heads up the Pilot-Production stage in the Canary Islands to try and reciprocate the results in the field.
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Chiara Sanseverino

Chiara is Sequentia’s Finance & Administrative Director. Chiara was the other original member of the Artennua project alongside Luis. Aside from Luis’ successful lab results, reaching the Pilot-Production stage had a lot to do with Chiara’s efforts in submitting Artennua for the Neotec fund, one of the most challenging and demanding application processes in Spain. The Neotec fund is aimed at supporting the creation and consolidation of technology-based firms, and was awarded in May 2017.
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Tech Transfer & Scientific Manager

Pedro Fernández Nohales

Pedro has 5 years’ experience as a Technology Transfer officer and oversees all the scientific and tech transfer issues. He also has a lot of experience writing national and European grants, such as H2020. His experience and network of hospitals, doctors and clinics at INCLIVA will also provide invaluable insight and support with the human health applications of Artennua.
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The Agricultural Engineer

Andrés Acosta Pérez

A native of the Canary Islands, Andrés was brought onboard in September 2017 to assist in the Pilot-Production stage of Artennua. Andres has a long trajectory as an agronomist as well as an important local network as he spent time working for CABILDO, the governing body in Tenerife. His organizational skills and patience also make him the perfect match for the optimization and control of Artemisia annua crop in Tenerife!
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The Agricultural Farm Manager

Cristo Alfonso-Barbuzano

Cristo was brought onboard in July 2018 to help Andres and assist in the Pilot-Production stage of Artennua. He is now also involved in the day-to-day running of the newly rented agrofarm Finca Pele in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Cristo has just finished his course at the Agricultural Farm Manager school of Tacoronte, Tenerife. He is a positive and motivated person who was willing to learn every single aspect related to Artennua since the very beginning.

Alejandro Lara Ayub

The Visiting Postdoctoral Investigator

Alejandro Lara Ayub

Alejandro is a Mexican researcher from Chihuahua who is carrying out a placement at the company thanks to a CONACYT postdoctoral grant in collaboration with the ICIA in Tenerife, Spain. Currently, he also works as a professor in the Autonomous University of Chihuahua (UACH), teaching at the Faculty of Agrotechnology Science postgraduate program. He is collaborating in R&D area, working shoulder to shoulder with Dr. Luís Matías Hernández.
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