Biotech Tricopharming Research

Biotech Tricopharming Research (Tricopharming for short) is a spanish company funded in October 2018 led by Dr Luis Matías Hernández. Originated from a R&D department of a biotech company of Barcelona Sequentia Biotech, Biotech Tricopharming Research, was set up to investigate the use of tricopharming techniques to optimize different medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs), starting with Artemisia annua.  Thanks to promising results obtained in the lab and a pilot field study financed by CDTI (Government of Spain), in October 2018, Biotech Tricopharming Research was founded in order to continue the development and start the commercialization of a special Artemisia annua, named Artennua. Research on other aromatic and medicinal plants (MAPs) of commercial interest are currently ongoing in collaboration with several public research centres. Our history  is the result of a dream meeting a good mix of science, private entrepreneurship, public funding and a dynamic start-up ecosystem.

Our headquarters are located in Barcelona (Spain) MediaTic building, in the core of 22@ innovation district in Poble Nou . We are ubicated at the second floor in the Barcelona Activa’s incubator space hosting technological start-ups.


Our production facility is ubicated in the Northern area of Tenerife Island (Canary Islands), in the El Pico farm, in Tejina, province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.