BIOTECH TRICOPHARMING RESEARCH is a biotechnology company that uses different techniques to optimize plants that produce medicinal and aromatic compounds in their trichomes or plant hairs. We also provide customized R&D and field testing services to other companies and research centers seeking to improve commercial crops using sustainable biotechnological techniques.

Since 2015, we have been combining scientific excellence with an entrepreneurial spirit. In 2018 we moved from the UAB campus (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) to our headquarters in Barcelona Activa, Hub for Tech Start-ups MediaTIC (@ 22 District) after having participated in the Barcelona Activa Pre-Acceleration Program. In addition, we have our production center and R&D department at Finca El Pico, Tenerife island.

Continuing our trajectory of continuous improvement, in 2020 we decided to implement and certify a Quality management system in our production center in Tenerife according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard.

Working under the high standards of this Standard implies a firm commitment by the entire organization to the professionalism of our human team, the efficiency of our production processes and the satisfaction of our clients.

With it, the organization acquires the commitment to:

  • Continuous improvement.
  • Compliance with all legal, regulatory and other requirements that may be applicable to us.
  • The planning of objectives that help us to improve continuously.
  • The professional development of our human team in an innovative work environment adapted to your needs.
  • The constant search for highly developed working methods based on scientific studies at the highest level, which allow us to achieve the best results of the final product with the minimum environmental impact.Signs, in Barcelona on behalf of the Management: