Tricopharming winner of Entrepreneurship Award 2019 by FYDE CajaCanaria

Today, on World Entrepreneur Day, we received an amazing news: we are winners of the 23th Canary Islands Entrepreneurship Award by FYDE. The CajaCanaria Bank Foundation supporting the entrepreneurship (Fundación Canaria para la Formación y Desarrollo Empresarial de CajaCanarias) selected the finalists from different islands. The jury was composed by the General Director of the…


Artennua and Tricopharming selected as finalist in the Canary Islands Entrepreneur Award by FYDE Caja Canaria, 23th edition

Tricopharming as been selected as finalist company in the Canary Islands Entrepreneurship Award by Fyde CajaCanarias. Tomorrow our CEO Luis Matías Hernández will give its pitch about Artennua, first Tricopharming product. Artennua is produced in our ecologic farm El Pico in Tejina, Tenerife Island. The project started in Tenerife in 2017 thanks to CDTI funding and…

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Sequentia spin-out Biotech Tricopharming Research is constituted to commercialize Artennua

Sequentia Biotech has created Biotech Tricopharming Research as a spin-out to commercialise Artennua, an optimized version of Artemisia annua, and the first product to derive from their agropharma R&D department. Sequentia was able to quintuplicate the annual production of the plant, triplicate the foliar biomass and duplicate the concentration of artemisinin in the lab. This…