Artennua® capsules

Artennua® is a 100% natural and certified organically produced immune enhancer made from the leaves of Artemisia annua, with a high content of artemisinin and flavonoids. Artennua® capsules act as an immuno-potentiator, purifying agent and appetite improver for pets.

What is behind our technology?

Our innovative technology is based on a 100% natural method that has allowed us to optimise the production of Artemisia annua and increase the quality of this raw material in terms of therapeutic molecules such as artemisinin, among others.

What is the composition of Artennua® capsules?

Each capsule contains 200 mg of Artemisia annua leaves with a high content of artemisinin (1.1% – 2.3%) and flavonoids (casticin and eupatorin) with a very high therapeutic potential.

Where is Artennua® produced?

Artennua® capsules are an organic product grown in the Canary Islands.

Dosage of Artennua®

Artennua® capsules must be administered under veterinary supervision. The dosage corresponds to 1 capsule/10 kg/day.

How should be Artennua® administered?

Artennua® can be used as a stimulator of the immune system in pets or as a complementary treatment for parasite infections (leishmania), viral infections and cancer. 

Immune system stimulator/ Prevention: When Artennua® capsules are used as an immune system stimulator, the recommended course of treatment is one month of treatment and 3 months of rest.

Coadjuvant in indicated treatment: Artennua® capsules can be administered as a complementary treatment in several pathologies (parasite infections, viral infections and cancer). To this end, a cycle of two interrupted months with Artennua® should be followed, at the end of which the veterinary centre of reference should be consulted for subsequent analytical control. In certain cases, a maintenance regimen with Artennua® can be carried out, consisting of 7 days of treatment and 7 days of rest.


Artennua® contact

For more information about the administration, you can contact Artennua®, where one of our advisors will answer any queries you may have.

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