Tricopharming winner of Entrepreneurship Award 2019 by FYDE CajaCanaria


Today, on World Entrepreneur Day, we received an amazing news: we are winners of the 23th Canary Islands Entrepreneurship Award by FYDE.
The CajaCanaria Bank Foundation supporting the entrepreneurship (Fundación Canaria para la Formación y Desarrollo Empresarial de CajaCanarias) selected the finalists from different islands. The jury was composed by the General Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Lola Pérez, the representative of the Board of Directors of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Tenerife (JET), Xisela Aranda, the Director of the CajaCanarias Foundation, Natalia Aznárez, and the Director of the FYDE CajaCanarias Foundation, Francisco Reyes.
The award aims to identify and support entrepreneurial talent in the Canary Islands, and constitute a public recognition of the entrepreneurial spirit, both business and social, of people who show a special sense of innovation, creativity, effort and desire to excel, to which try to support and help boost your projects.
In Tricopharming we believe that Canary Island, for their characteristics, location and recognized quality products could be a perfect Europe-based platform for producing and exporting high quality Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs)  over the world.
Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (MAPs) are botanical raw materials, also known as herbal drugs, that are primarily used for therapeutic, aromatic and/or culinary purposes as components of cosmetics, medicinal products, health foods and other natural health products. They are also the starting materials for value-added processed natural ingredients such as essential oils, dry and liquid extracts and oleoresins.
There is a clear industrial demand for MAPs thanks to the increased production of herbal health care formulations; herbal based cosmetic products and herbal nutritional supplements.
The global market for botanical and plant-derived drugs is a big market, $32.9 billion in 2013, expected to grow 11.0%, according to BCC Research.

La empresa Biotech Tricopharming Research, que introduce nuevos cultivos en Canarias, y la Asociación Factoría Social ganan los premios Emprendedores Fyde CajaCanarias en su 23ª edición