The 5-step formula for profitable veterinary clinics


The 5-step formula for profitable veterinary clinics

A good veterinarian is a strategist. And thanks to the space granted to me by Artennua on their blog, I’m going to explain why a veterinary clinic is profitable by applying a 5 simple step formula.

Before I start, I want to tell you a little story.

A few days ago, my dog had a complete blood test and a serological test for leishmaniasis using the ELISA method.

The veterinary clinic I go to has its own laboratory, so I only had to wait a few minutes for the results.

Let me describe the scene.

Ana, my dog’s veterinarian, approaches with the report in hand.

She sits down next to me and with a calm voice, starts explaining what each of the values in the analysis means.

To be honest, at first glance, it seemed like basic Chinese to me, and my eyes were only focused on the red bars. For a few moments, my ears closed to Ana’s words.

Sometimes, we are not ready to listen.

But Ana kept looking at me and asking me if I understood what she was telling me. That helped me get out of my mental confusion and focus on what she wanted to convey.

She was very clear.

The report was composed of different parts. Some talked about Olivia’s kidney, others about her liver, her glucose, and so on.

It also showed me how each of them had an impact on the others.

The few that were in red were not alarming because they achieved balance with those of normal values.

She did notice the measurement of urea, which, being a bit high, recommended that I encourage my dog to drink more water.

The leishmania test result was negative, which brought me much happiness for Oli.

On the other hand, my wallet felt a boost at not having to pay for the cost of a more expensive serological analysis.

Now, let’s move on.

Next, you’ll understand how your work is so similar to mine.

I reveal the 5-step formula that profitable veterinary clinics have.

  1. How do potential clients discover your veterinary center?

In digital marketing, they will talk to you about “funnels,” but I prefer to do it with real examples so that you can better understand the conceptWhen a potential client does not know you AT ALL, they are not going to trust you right away. And even less so if the idea is to put the health of their pet in your hands.

This discovery phase is very important.

The objective will be to attract the attention of that potential client.

And that’s why we’re going to design a content strategy that seeks to inform. The idea is to raise the level of consciousness of those people who live with pets.

To make it easier for you to understand, I’ll give you an example for each of the communication channels you want to work on in this first step.


Your website’s blog

If you are going to create articles on your blog, it’s essential to do it intelligently. It’s not about writing because “I think” it may work.

Here, the key is to be clear about why we are going to develop a certain topic. Why publish it at a specific time and how it can help us generate revenue in our veterinary clinic.

Example: An article explaining what leishmaniasis is, how to prevent and treat it, which areas are more endemic, and how this disease is transmitted.

The question now would be, when to publish it?

I want you to know that Mr. Google works with a series of algorithms that we need to know to make that article rank and attract clicks to your website.

I’ll save the answer for the end.

Social Media

Managing the social networks of your clinic can be quite a hassle, when you barely have time to go for a coffee.

Not to mention if we have no idea what to post.

I am not a community manager, but I can help you inspire you to take advantage of your social networks.

Let’s continue with the same example from the Blog article.

You could make a video providing information about pet leishmania and replicate it on those networks that you want to exploit, be it Instagram, TikTok or YouTube.

From the same content you can extract phrases or ideas for the creation of short videos that engage your audience.


How would you attract the attention of your potential client?

Example: Do you want to know how to reduce the side effects of treatments against leishmania in your dog? In this video I tell you how medicinal plants can help you.

In another publication, you could share the benefits that Artennua brings to the patients you treat in your clinic.


2. Anticipate what your potential client may need

In this second step, the objective is to continue maintaining the interest of your subscribers and / or followers.

What face do owners make when their dog or cat receives a treat as a reward?

Who has not asked a neighbor which vet she takes her pet to?

Well, that is what the type of content that I am going to share with you is about. It is about getting your potential client to start considering that turning to you can be a good decision.

Let’s go to the examples.

Both on your website and on social networks, you could share testimonials from clients who are happy with their treatment at your clinic.

Choose the format that is most comfortable for you and at the same time attractive to your audience.

Example: the publication of a video where a client tells her experience step by step.
Here it is important to guide him so that he specifies what his problem was, why he chose your services and what benefits it brought to his life and that of his pet.

3. The first date

We have already captured the attention of our potential client. We have kept your interest and now we need that little push to get you to book an appointment at our veterinary clinic.

One of the most used resources is to offer discounts

It is a strategy that is exploited above all by online stores. In the case of veterinary centers I recommend being careful.

Here the idea is that the client leaves happy, but that you do not have to close the next day because the numbers do not add up.

Example: It shows that you have very good customer service.

Take advantage of the benefits of WhatsApp Business to send appointment reminders, vaccinations, deworming and reports of those visits already arranged.

If you already have a website, it is very valuable to describe the services offered, the different service channels and if you have your own laboratory.

In the profiles of the Social Networks it includes this information as well.

4. Details make the difference

Good professionals have lifelong clients. They are faithful people who only go to your clinic and if the opportunity arises they recommend you to their family, neighbors and friends.

Then, there are those who don’t care to go back or seek veterinary care elsewhere.

Finally, we have potential customers who may come to you because you are already on their radar for some of the actions seen above.

With the use of Email marketing, you keep in touch with everyone and remain in their memory for when your pet needs it.

But it is worth an important clarification, the segmentation of these emails is key.

Perhaps, do you medicate all your patients in the same way?

It is not the same to treat the diarrhea of a puppy that has a more fragile immune system than that of an adult dog without pathologies.

The urgency in the treatment sometimes makes you have to change your strategy.

Well, with email marketing it’s the same.

There are some examples:

A reminder email for those patients who have to renew their annual vaccination.
An email sequence to promote the campaign against leishmania.
An email sequence to publicize the hiring of a health plan.
An email sequence to share success stories from your clinic
The goal is for your client to keep you on their mind. And, on the other hand, define a strategy so that the previous steps are integrated with the email marketing campaigns.


5. Loyalty and you will receive a reward


This last step is omitted by many veterinary centers. And I consider it a serious mistake when it comes to making their services more profitable.

A happy customer is more likely to turn to you than one who doesn’t know who you are yet.

For this, satisfaction surveys work very well, or communicate the benefits of buying this or another product.

You know, with examples the concept is better caught.


Continue taking advantage of email marketing by inviting your clients to complete a satisfaction survey after their visit, or to leave a review on your clinic’s Google My Business tab.
Campaign sharing the benefits of, for example, using Artennua as an immune system booster in pets.
Create a rewards program or club for your most loyal customers.


As you will see, everything is about knowing how to design a strategy with sense.

Understanding what you should do in each of these 5 steps is similar to when you define how to improve the treatment of your patients.

Just as the poor or good functioning of an organ affects the general health of an animal, poor or good management of content and tools will affect the profitability of your clinic.

Have I been clear?

If so, and you are not yet strategically working on your Blog, you do not have time to take advantage of email marketing, you do not know what message to convey to your potential clients, contact me and we will see how to help you.


Veronica Andrea Fernandez

Copywriter and SEO editor

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