Artennua at Iberzoo+Propet 2022


Iberzoo+ Propet 2022 (6th edition)

The sixth edition of Iberzoo+Propet returned to total attendance after two years marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. The reunion of professionals from the pet sector ended with the participation of more than 16,900 professional participants from 43 different countries. (Iberzoo,2022)

These statistics reveal the eagerness to generate new professional synergies, new business and new services. During the event, 270 exhibiting companies, 600 brands and more than 16,000 participants were able to take part. (Iberzoo,2022)

In this edition, numerous activities related to the veterinary field took place during the XXXIX Annual VETMADRID Congress organised by AMVAC and the IV Forum of the industry and commerce of the pet sector of AEDPAC. Not forgetting the LiveConnect digital environment, which was an added value that allowed interaction between pet industry professionals worldwide.

Along with the programme, one of the highlights of IBERZOO+PROPET was the 29th Annual VETMADRID Congress organised by AMVAC on medicine and surgery in senior animals.

At the Aula Veterinaria area, topics such as European and Spanish regulations on veterinary medicines and the digital transformation of veterinary clinics, among many other topics of interest, were discussed. Another of the main focuses of the fair was canine aesthetics and grooming, with numerous seminars, workshops, masterclasses, etc.

The fair closed its last day on 12th March with the usual “Sector Afternoon”, during which the awards and acknowledgements were presented, and data from the pet sector was put into context.

Artennua at Iberzoo+ Propet 2022

Among the participants, Artennua made its first debut as an exhibitor during the three-day event in Hall 9 of the IFEMA MADRID exhibition centre. Artennua had its stand where it presented for the first time its nutraceutical product made from the optimised Artemisia annua plant and its multiple benefits for pets. Moreover, the product presentation to veterinarians, other professionals in the sector, distribution companies and laboratories.  In addition, the properties of the medicinal plant Artemisia annua to treat numerous pathologies were disseminated.

On the other hand, the Artennua team introduced the public to the basis of the integrated production process used to make the capsules, the technology used to produce Artennua and, finally, the values of the Biotech Tricopharming company.

A compilation of the event images and a video summary of Artennua’s presence at IBERZOO+PROPET 2022 are shown below.