Livisto will distribute the capsules of the complementary food for pets Artennua® in Spain.

Tricopharming (Biotech Tricopharming Research) has closed a collaboration agreement with Livisto for the exclusive distribution in Spain of its product Artennua®, 100% vegetable complementary food capsules, which will also be available on the market with a new formulation. The objective of the collaboration is to expand the Artennua® brand throughout Spain, and preserve its identity…


Artennua at Iberzoo+Propet 2022

Iberzoo+ Propet 2022 (6th edition) The sixth edition of Iberzoo+Propet returned to total attendance after two years marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. The reunion of professionals from the pet sector ended with the participation of more than 16,900 professional participants from 43 different countries. (Iberzoo,2022) These statistics reveal the eagerness to generate new professional synergies,…

Artemisia annua

Learn more about Artemisia annua

Artemisia annua is an aromatic herbaceous plant native to Asia, a species that stands out from the rest of its genus as an excellent and important source of clinically proven therapeutic compounds. Artemisia annua L. produces a range of complex terpenoids in its trichomes, among which artemisinin is of particular interest for the treatment of…