Artennua at Iberzoo+Propet 2022

Iberzoo+ Propet 2022 (6th edition) The sixth edition of Iberzoo+Propet returned to total attendance after two years marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. The reunion of professionals from the pet sector ended with the participation of more than 16,900 professional participants from 43 different countries. (Iberzoo,2022) These statistics reveal the eagerness to generate new professional synergies,…

Canine breast cancer

The role of alternative treatments in canine breast cancer

October 19th commemorates the fight against breast cancer, a disease that is increasingly affecting humans and our pets. In the animal world, this pathology is very common in canines and felines, where females are more likely to acquire this disease (canine breast cancer). Fortunately, in many cases, the tumors are benign, but certain recommendations should…