The Impulse of Acció and the Catalonia Region to Tricopharming

Glad to announce that Tricopharming has been selected among the 20 most innovative tech startups of Catalonia Region within the framework of the Startup Capital 2019 call! Startup Capital boosts early stage technological companies helping to accelerate their product development and road map to market by co-financing business plan implementation.  The call is addressed to…

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Thanks to CDTI and our achievement at Cervera project, we have been working on our production platform for biomolecules of Industrial interest. We will continue working on the validation of our biostimulation technology in various species of Medicinal and Aromatic plants (MAPs), as well as we have done with Artemisia annua plant. Learn more about…

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Old Awards

Artennua (formerly known as ArtePharming)

Other Awards

Artennua (formerly known as ArtePharming) has been selected as a finalist in three of the most prestigious international awards for social entrepreneurs:

The Venture 2016

Unreasonable Institute

Everis 2017 awards


The Tricopharming R&D project has received funding from Cervera Project (CDTI), MINECO and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

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Generalitat de Catalunya


Our Publications and their impact in the news
Matias-Hernandez et al., 2017. Matias-Hernandez L., Jiang W., Yang K., Tang K., Brodelius P., Pelaz S. AaMYB1 and its orthologue AtMYB61 affect terpene metabolism and trichome development in Artemisia annua and Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Journal (2017), 90(3):520-534.
Pulice et al., 2016. Pulice G., Pelaz S., Matias-Hernandez L. Molecular Farming in Artemisia annua, a promising approach to improve Anti-malarial drug production. Frontiers in Plant Science (2016), 18:7;329.

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