A standardised version of the Artemisia annua plant

Artennua is a standardised version of the Artemisia annua plant, achieved using Plant Biopharming. The improved characteristics of this standardised plant include:

  • Twice the concentration of artemisinin in planta (2.5%)
  • Triple the foliar mass (i.e. more artemisinin produced due to the larger leaf surface area)
  • Fivefold increase in production (i.e. increase cultivation from once to five times a year)

All our methods are 100% natural, and the leaves are harvested at the optimal time when artemisinin synthesis peaks (just before flowering).

All in all, Artennua with a great quality plant with higher concentrations of artemisinin and a faster production time, thus eliminating the challenges associated with the cultivation and use of Artemisia annua.


Area size plant graphic
GST trichomes density