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Natural cosmetics use ingredients from nature that serve to beautify and care for the human body. This market is currently worth around 24 billion euros and shows strong growth (last reported growth figure was at 10.6% in 2013) as consumers look for more natural and “free-from” products. Due to the growing aging population around the world, anti-aging skincare products and in particular facial oils are drivers for this market.

Well-known plant extracts like Aloe vera, Centella asiatica and Avena sativa are found in many products, and although the use of Artemisia annua has been limited as it is not yet well-known, an Artemisia variety has been used in shampoo and Artemisia annua extracts have been used for creams. Essential oils extracted from Artemisia annua have also been used in perfumery, cosmetics, antibacterials and aromatherapy.

Both Artemisia annua leaf extracts and essential oils stimulate and support natural care functions. The essential oil derived from the Artemisia annua contains the following main compounds: camphor 44%, germacrene D 16%, trans-pinocarveol 11%, beta-caryophyllene 9%, beta-selinene 9% and artemisia ketone 3% which exhibit anti-aging properties as it is one of the top antioxidant plants. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents help prevent free radical damage.