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Herbal applications

Herbal extract infusion is used to treat fever, anaemia and improve the immune system as well as gastrointestinal disorders. Additionally, Artemisia annua pulverised leaves paste formed with water can be applied over the affected part of the skin to treat skin infections, bruises, joint (arthritis) and nerve pain. Due to its soothing fragrance, hydroalcoholic extracts and essential oils can be extensively used in aromatherapies for calming the patient*.

This market is projected to reach 113 billion euros by 2024 due to the growing focus on natural remedies and preventative care as well as the growing popularity of of multi-herbs to enhance cardiovascular, immunity and digestive function amongst others.

*As with most medicinal plants, it is important to take into consideration the possible side effects and contraindications of taking Artemisia annua; before using it, topically or internally, it is highly recommended to take advice from an experienced medical practitioner.